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This Simple Mistake At Networking Events

It doesn’t matter whether it’s face to face or online or on your social networks, there is a simple mistake that most people make when they are networking.
I was having a chat to Paula the other day who goes to 4 or 5 events a month.
Every month was the same result and really it was a waste of her time turning up.
Then we did this….
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The 5 Biggest Mistakes With Our Referral Partners

Getting referrals isn’t as simple as do a good job and they shall receive.

It is always something that needs to be worked on if getting a constant flow of referrals is your goal.

Here are the 5 biggest mistakes I see when trying to grow a business through referrals.

In reality, it’s not the system or how you ask for them, it goes a bit deeper than that.

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The Big Mistake When Finding Referral Partners

There are a handful of mistakes I see constantly when people are building their referral partners.

The main one being rushing the process because they are excited that someone might want to pass them referrals.

In the Million Dollar Referral System, we have a process in place because we know it’s important to find the right referral partner that fits your business rather than just anyone.

In this ‘Get More Referrals Today’ podcast we look at the big mistakes that stop people from finding good referrals partners and the simple steps to change them.

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I might had had a little rant last week…

Well last week I might have lost it for a little bit

After the 100th person that sent me a personal message telling me I needed to buy their crap for the week, it was time

We buy when we resonate with you

We buy when we can see you have a solution to our problem

We buy when the pain point gets to the point that we actually want or need a solution

We don’t buy because some moron sends a message saying you need to buy

Anyways here is what I had to say and how to actually use your networks correctly

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Client Referrals!

When building out your Million Dollar Referral System we have 9 key ‘Referral Profit Accelerators’ these are the projects to ensure we can grow our business to a million dollars and beyond with no ad spend.

Accelerator #2 is all about “Systemise Client Referrals.

The mistake is that we feel we just need to do a good job and then our clients will refer to us

Or that we simply just need to ask them and they will serve them up on a platter

Were really there is so much more than that

As humans, we all do things based on FEELINGS and how you make your clients feel, will determine how they help you in return.

I shot this quick video on Systemising your client referrals and a few tips to help you get started

Watch it right here

The Level 10 Referral

Over the past 7 years how I look at referrals has definitely changed.

When I first started out, I was all about the level 10 referral and nothing else.

It was either they knew enough about my service and they were ready or it was a waste of time.

Then I started to understand the red, yellow, green philosophy.

The majority of people these days are red and yellow. They know they want a solution but they just aren’t quite sure which one.

This is where level 6,7,8 referrals are a MUST and can ensure that you can grow your business consistently.

If you focus is on only level 10 referrals then you are shooting yourself in the foot and missing out on so much more opportunity and sales.

I shot this quick little video to show how I ensure my transformational thinking takes place on referral opportunities.

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Change Your Networking For 2021 Forever

We have all gone to networking events and been repelled by that person who just doesn’t get it.

Humans are (insert your adjective) haha!

But the one thing about humans that is 100% guaranteed, is that they are predictable.

Networking is a great way to get business when you understand how to crack the human attractiveness and become the prize in the room vs the sales douche bag in the room.

In this ‘Get More Referrals Today’ podcast we look at how to use networking events the right way and how to ensure that you bring your transformational thinking to the table, rather than being a transaction.

When you get this right you will absolutely dominate networking events and grow your business

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Merry Christmas

As we sit here a few years down the track we will remember 2020 for so many different reasons.

And no matter how it was for you, the bottom line is we all learned so much and can be grateful for the wonderful people around us.

It’s this time of year we tend to reflect, we look to the future, we plan, we celebrate and we take a little rest.

Remember, if you are stuck in isolation and can’t travel to loved ones…


Remember, if you feel you have had the worst year possible…


Remember, if you feel a sense of it’s all too much…

That you make a difference in this world and the world is a better place because of you.

It is easy at this time of year to think inwards and to our immediate families, but don’t forget those around you that just might need an extra lift.

So from our family and team to yours, we wish you a great Christmas holiday period.

Stay safe and if you need an ear or you need some help, please reach out as you are part of our world and that matters to us.

Stand Out From Everyone Else

It is this time of year where most business owners go ‘I need to actually reach out to my clients’ so I will send them a Christmas Card or Gift.

Don’t get me wrong, a great idea, but there are so many things that people do wrong that ensure it loses all of the goodwill you are trying to create.

So here are some things to think about…

Don’t send gifts that are branded and therefore you are really sending it is because you want them to remember you… You aren’t sending it because you care or are thinking of them.

Don’t send a card that has – by the way if you need (insert whatever) then we are here for you…  Again the purpose of the card was for yourself, not because you cared about them.

Sending a card with your brand plastered over the back or your contact details… It screams it is all about me and not you.

If you are going to use this time of year to show your clients that you actually care about them and you are thinking of them (which you should be) then do it with class.

We talk about getting client referrals all the time and a big part of the formula is showing your clients you actually do care.

The more as a human we feel someone cares about us, the more we are likely to want to do things for them!

So the holiday period is a great time to show the ‘care’ but then don’t just do it once a year, make sure you have it planned out for the whole customer journey.

This is one thing that we will be going through on our referral growth summit

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