How Do I Establish Influence and Get People To Resonate With Me Fast

The real secret to growing your business has nothing to do with which marketing tactic should I use and everything to do with the quality of relationships you keep.

The question I’m asked all the time is “How do I establish influence and resonate more with others”

In this weeks ‘Get More Referrals Today’ podcast, I’ll walk you through the 4 stages of building overwhelming trust and show you why it doesn’t take time to build relationships, like the majority of people believe.

The simple fact is 95% of people sit in the red and amber zone where the focus is on scripts and content.

The image below shows a script example and I’ll tell you why it’s pointless and give you a better way to fix it up

When you go from script creation through to heartfelt creation, you instantly change the dynamic of the relationship.

Listen in as I walk through all 4 levels, give examples of things you’re probably doing right now that’s shooting yourself in the foot and show you a great lesson that we can learn from children.

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