Referral Marketing Guru Was Started With One Mission In Mind… To Help Organisations Generate More Referrals, Grow Their Networks and Use Their Networks Better To Create More Opportunities.

I started The Referral Marketing Guru because I was tired of seeing the dreadful attempts of teaching people how to gets referrals into their business. Anyone can try to teach people about referral marketing but very few people have built a business on over 400 referral partners with the right processes, systems and structure to make it work for years to come like I have.

Hearing teachings such as the following make me cringe:

  • Just ask your clients to refer you
  • Go find someone to partner up with
  • Pay a commission every time someone passes you a sale

Sure all these things can be done and make sense, HOWEVER there is so much more that needs to be understood TO MAKE IT WORK LONG TERM…

I constantly see people getting referrals every here, there and blue moon, but not consistently. This is because of their lack of understanding of the referral process and how to create new referral opportunities.

After years of growing, building and selling businesses all through referrals, I’m ready to show you how to do the same.

We have 3 main objectives:

  1. To build referral marketing systems that are proven to work in your organisation
  2. To create engagement systems that are proven to work in your organisation
  3. To provide a referral community that can come together to help each other and provide new opportunities to one another.

I am glad you have stopped by please feel free to

When you are ready I look forward to speaking with you about how we can get you more referrals to.

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