The Big Myth… Just Do A Good Job and You’ll Get Referrals

The Big Myth… Just Do A Good Job and You‘ll Get Referrals

I hear it all the time… Just do a good / great job and then ask for a referral

If only life was that easy, then everyone would be getting referrals every minute of the day

But are you?

Of course not, because it takes a lot more than just doing a good / great job to get others to refer to you.

In this ‘Get More Referrals Today’ podcast I’ll break down the 3 levels of getting a client referral and show you why doing a good job is actually the red zone level in the emotion it creates.

When you combine neuroscience, brain chemicals and human hardwiring with referral marketing it becomes extremely easy to influence and build the deep emotional bonds, trust and loyalty that are required to increase your referral numbers.

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