Do Your Actions Evoke Positive Emotions?

Everyday we are shooting ourselves in the foot by doing small little actions within our business that do not evoke positive emotions.

It was 2018 and at the time, I thought it was the most pain that I’d ever go through in my life. My heart was broken and my soul destroyed.

Nothing could fix it, I didn’t want to eat, get out of bed or really do anything at all.

It was also at this time in my life that internally I knew I had so much to learn and so it began my obsession with human behaviour, primal attraction, neuroscience, how brain chemicals work and how we are hardwired as humans.

Thousands of videos, talking to scientists, doctors, witches, spell casters, interviewing the top brain surgeons and bringing together ideas that I truely wish I knew some 20 years earlier.

? As humans we are hardwired for survival

? As humans we all need brain chemicals to survive

? As humans we are all influenced and attracted to people that make us feel these positive brain chemicals.

We all know that people do business with those they “FEEL” like they resonate with, respect and are inspired by
(the good old know,like,trust).

Someone can’t actually know, like and trust… it is a feeling they have, that they then rationalise into words as “this is the right decision for me.”

So everyday with your clients, prospects, networks, on your social platforms and in your day to day activity, I can just about guarantee you that you do more things to turn someone off you, than you do to attract someone to you.

Which means no trust, no bond, no loyalty, no relationship… which means no sale, no referral, no doors being opened for you and no word of mouth opportunities.

Let’s play a quick game… Have you done any of these in the last week.

1. Just responded to a social media post with a ? or a simple boring ‘thanks’. ?

2. Sent out a template invoice or receipt from your accounting software ?

3. Sent a gift with your branding, business card or logo (if so it’s not a gift, you had another motive for sending it) ?‍♂️

4. Have an email signature with just simply your contact details or even worse a photo of you and your contact details

5. Send a long winded message to someone who didn’t ask for it about your workshop, new guide, white paper or training

6. Not respond to a message someone has sent you

7. Send a confirmation email or text that is logical, boring and creates no feeling

There are hundreds more that I see every week where the business truely believes they are doing the right thing. But unfortunately it is having the wrong effect.

Everything that occurs in your business is either

? Brining someone closer to you, allowing them to trust you more, like you more, be loyal to you more and resonate with you more.


❌ Pushing them away from you and ensuring that they do nothing to help you or your business into the future

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PS: If you want to be around other people that can inspire you, challenge you, push you, so you win everyday and make a greater impact than ever before in your business, then send a message as we just might have the other people you’ve been looking for.