How You Can Transform Your Referral Strategies And Success VERY Quickly!

Here’s a true story about a friend of mine and the day his referrals skyrocketed.

It was February 2017 and he had just finished spending the past month over in the USA going to a number of business conferences to learn and brush up his skills.

Conference after conference he listened to speakers, met people in hallways, attended the drinks and dinners and social events and time after time he left feeling flat.

It was constant handing out business cards, people pitching to him and a bunch of ongoing conversations with no real substance to them.

As he thought about what was happening or why this feeling was occurring, he started to notice something that would change his life forever.

The conversations he was having were very process driven.

They were transactional and they had an outcome focus to them.

The conversations didn’t fulfil him or his need to want to connect deeper with these people because they weren’t heartfelt.

The key to referrals is simple:

Referrals occur when you can activate a person’s part of the brain that makes them feel trust towards you, loyalty towards you and a bond with you.

Most people believe that this either just takes time or it is just luck to whether you find someone like you or not.

BUT the fact is, that’s not true!

When you tap into the limbic part of the brain that controls all human behaviour and decision making you can accelerate trust, emotional bonds and loyalty that someone has with you.

Hence you can transform your referral strategies and success VERY quickly!

The fact is, growing your business by referrals and word of mouth is still the most effective powerful way for coaches, consultants and professional service providers.