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How To Get 90% Of Your Clients To Pass You Referrals


The simple fact is you don’t have to have a fancy script and be good at asking to get your clients to refer you more business.

I remember going to a conference many years ago before. It was one of my first business conferences and there was this one particular speaker I was dying to hear.

This presentation was on how to get client referrals.

I didn’t have many clients, but I knew that if I could get my current client to pass me another client each, I would grow my business really fast.

It just had to be the best way to grow a business, I thought to myself.

So, when the speaker came on, I was really excited. Finally, I was going to be able to grow my business.

So as I sat and I listened. I heard them talk about this three step process.

I listened. I listened.

And after 60 minutes, what I took away was all I had to do was ask my clients ‘who they knew that was like them and could I get there contact number to call them.’

Come Monday morning I was ready, but the problem was I didn’t feel really comfortable in reaching out to my clients like this.

It felt awkward and weird.

I actually didn’t want to change the relationship I had with my current clients by asking them to do something for me.

Over the years, I’ve learned that this is the case with most service providers, with most consultants, they feel awkward in asking their clients to refer, because it changes the dynamics and relationship.

They feel just maybe by asking that they will leave and find someone else to use instead of you.

Ready for the good news…

You don’t have to ask your clients to get client referrals.

You don’t have to feel awkward or have that awkward conversation.

You just need to focus in on doing these three things.

Tune in to this weeks ‘Get More Referrals Today’ podcast as we go through how to get 90% of your clients to pass your referrals each month.

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The Power of Teamwork

I want to tell you a story of two one arm men who as individuals were just two men, but when they joined forces they taught us all a valuable lesson about the power of teamwork and working together towards a cause.

During World War II, Ed Sullivan asked comedian and actor Jimmy Durante to entertain a group of soldiers who had just gotten back from the war and were temporarily staying on Ellis Island.

Jimmy said he would, but he only had time for a short performance because he had to catch a ferry in time to do his radio show back in New York.

But when Jimmy got on stage, something interesting and unexpected happened…

He went through a short monologue and then stayed.

The applause grew louder and louder and he kept staying. Pretty soon, he had been on for a full 30 minutes.

Finally he took a last bow, and left the stage.

Backstage a young man stopped him and said, “I thought you had to go after a few minutes.
What happened?”

“Well, I did have to go,” he answered, “but let me show you the reason I stayed. You can see for yourself if you’ll look down on the front row.“

In the front row were two men, each of whom had lost an arm in the war. One had lost his right arm, and the other had lost his left. Together, they were able to clap, and that’s exactly what they were doing, loudly and cheerfully.

Now that is teamwork in action

And here’s the thing…

We all need other people around us that can be a part of our team

Other people who can push us, cheer us on, challenge us and even inspire us.

We all need other people to help bounce ideas of, other people that will keep us accountable and other people that will not accept our excuses.

As a business owner it can be lonely without having other people to clap with, cheer with and have a great to inspiring others with.

Do you feel like you have more greatness in you?

PS: If you want to be around other people that can inspire you, challenge you, push you, so you win everyday and make a greater impact than ever before in your business, then send a message as we just might have the other people you’ve been looking for.

STOP Stuffing Up How You Social Media Message People

Can we please just be better than this!

I understand you think it is how you will get new clients.

I understand it’s your survival nature and you know nothing better.

BUT, honestly it is pathetic and all it is doing is shooting you in the foot long term.

AND… for all those people who are teaching this as a way to get clients, it is only a mater of time before you won’t have a business and everyone can be thankful for that.

So, what am I ranting on about?

The joys of social media sell by chat hunting

Sending messages to people who don’t know you, so they definitely don’t like you and therefore certainly can’t resonate or trust you, just because you’re desperate for a sale.

If you were face to face and just met this person in a room and started a conversation the way you vomit all over them in your social media messages, you’d either get a punch in the nose or rudely be told to get lost.

By the way you deserve both of those things.

Here is what we should be doing with social media messaging and how to actually use it for good to create amazing opportunities for your business.

Click here to listen to the ‘Get More Referrals’ podcast.

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Reason Why The Majority Of Businesses Fail In The First 5 Years…

I can see why the majority of businesses fail in the first 5 years.

I can see why it is so much easier to go and work for someone than to have the stress, pressure, reliance to get knock down everyday and get back up.

But, I can also see why you don’t, why you never give up, why you keep on pushing through, why not quitting is not an option.

Over the past decade of being in business, I’ve constantly asked one question, over and over and over again.

You see I feel today, more than ever, we get to caught up at the ‘activity’ level.

I need to do fb ads, SEO, go to networking events, get in that next trade show, etc

Sure the activity to get exposure is needed, but it is this that we need to understand to make the activity actually work.

The question I keep asking myself is “why do clients buy from me”, why is it that clients come and choose to use us, over anyone else that does something similar?

The answer is simple
The answer is the same for everyone
The answer is what we should be working on EVERY minute that we are awake.

No it’s got nothing to do with your product or service

No it’s got nothing to do with the results or outcome you get

No it’s got nothing to do with your price

These are all misconceptions and what you’ve been told it is to why you don’t have the business you want.

But really it comes down to 3 simple words
‘Resonate, Respect, Inspired’

Do I resonate with you as a person and the solution you offer

Do I respect you, believe you, trust you in what you are saying

Do you inspire me to create change and get the outcome you offer. Will life be better because of you.

Of course easier said than done, or is it?

PS: If you’d like to be more remarkable, profitable and impactful in your business and life, then shoot me through a message and let’s talk some more.

It’s Not Marketing You Need… You Need This

There is really only word word that matters or should matter to you right now.

No it is not marketing or sales or what activity I’m going to do.

It is RESONATE No one can buy from you until they resonate with you

That is why this episode of the ‘Get More Referrals Today Podcast’ is a MUST for everyone

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Really You Are Not Is Remarkable As You Think

Most businesses think they are pretty special.

That they do a great job.

That they are remarkable.

But, unfortunately 99.5% of businesses aren’t even close.

There are so many simple things that you do everyday that you shoot you in foot.

Simple things that you think are acceptable, where really it is stopping you from growing your business through referrals and word of mouth.

In this ‘Get More Referrals Today’ podcast, I share an experience I had last week with a logistics company and point out what happened, how it made the client feel and how they could change such simple things to make the experience more remarkable.

How many of these mistakes does your business make everyday?

You can listen to the episode below or watch the video

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PS: If you want me to do a quick 10 min scan over your business to what you could make remarkable vs good, happy to share and give you a different set of eyes. Eyes from someone who doesn’t give a hoot about your business whatsoever and will tell you how it is (with love of course) Just reach out.

This Simple Mistake At Networking Events

It doesn’t matter whether it’s face to face or online or on your social networks, there is a simple mistake that most people make when they are networking.
I was having a chat to Paula the other day who goes to 4 or 5 events a month.
Every month was the same result and really it was a waste of her time turning up.
Then we did this….
PS: If you would like a clear plan on how to create more sales through referrals then just reach out!

The 5 Biggest Mistakes With Our Referral Partners

Getting referrals isn’t as simple as do a good job and they shall receive.

It is always something that needs to be worked on if getting a constant flow of referrals is your goal.

Here are the 5 biggest mistakes I see when trying to grow a business through referrals.

In reality, it’s not the system or how you ask for them, it goes a bit deeper than that.

Watch It Right Here

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The Big Mistake When Finding Referral Partners

There are a handful of mistakes I see constantly when people are building their referral partners.

The main one being rushing the process because they are excited that someone might want to pass them referrals.

In the Million Dollar Referral System, we have a process in place because we know it’s important to find the right referral partner that fits your business rather than just anyone.

In this ‘Get More Referrals Today’ podcast we look at the big mistakes that stop people from finding good referrals partners and the simple steps to change them.

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