How You Can Accelerate Loyalty and Trust

What if I told you that there was a sure fire way to accelerate loyalty, trust and influence in a way that doesn’t take years and years…

The two main things I hear from consultants all the time are that:

1. People do business with those that know them, like them and trust them.

2. It takes time, sometimes years, to build up such relationships to a level that allows business to happen.

What if I said no it doesn’t!!

And what if I said it doesn’t have anything to do with whether they like and trust you, but everything to do with how they ‘feel’ about you.

As humans we are hardwired to react, respond and interact with others in particular ways and as much as I love that everyone is so unique, in this area we are all so predictable.

There is a brain chemical called Oxytocin which all humans need and get everyday day from somewhere.

Oxytocin is often referred to as the love chemical and is the powerful brain chemical that make relationships work.

The thing is oxytocin makes us feel safe, it heightens trust and it makes us feel connected to the other person with deep bonds.

The easiest way to release oxytocin is through sex (so we’re not going down that path for our business ?), but the next best way to release it is through positive human interaction.

When you look at the image below you can see why it takes people so long to create loyalty, trust and influence.

Most people are doing level 2,3,4,5,6 activities. They are putting up content hoping one day, if I do it enough times, they will start to like me.

They are trying to add value to others or focusing on on the connection… BUT, the simple fact is this takes years and years and years.

When we take people up into the super green zone (a level 9,10) and start activating extraordinary moments the magic starts to happen.

Can you see how accelerating your profound relationships with prospects, clients, referral sources, your networks, contractors, partners, suppliers, would help fast track your business growth?

If so talk to us, as there isn’t anyone better at bringing neuroscience, human biology, primal instincts into growing your business and ‘activating extraordinary moments’ throughout your business.



PS: If you want to be around other people that can inspire you, challenge you, push you, so you win everyday and make a greater impact than ever before in your business, then send a message as we just might have the other people you’ve been looking for.