3 Words I Hate (and so should you) …

3 Words I Hate (and so should you) …

I was playing around the other day with a bunch of words and I came up with the 3 words that I hate and I’m going to stop using immediately:

1. “THINK”
Thinking is weak and passive. Just yesterday I said to a young man at the butchers I use, “Charles, I think you’re doing a great job here.” I caught myself in the moment and said, “Charles, scratch that. You’re doing a great job here.”

Thinking is procrastination. People who need to “think about it” rarely get around to actually taking action.

And here’s the thing … In most cases there is nothing to THINK about!

Weigh your options quickly, DECIDE, and take action.

How many of us get caught in the mindless trap of:

Person 1: “What do you want for dinner?”

Person 2: “I don’t know.”

Person 1: ”How ’bout that place on 3rd Street?

Person 2: ”Nah, I don’t think I’m really in the mood for that.”

Person 1: “We could just order in.”

Person 2: “Nah, I think I want to go out.”

Person 1: “Okay, where?”

Person 2: “I’m not sure.”

UGH. And this can go on forever, right? Ever sit with someone like this when they’re trying to decide what to watch on Netflix?

Brutal. Look, this is no small thing …

Indecision ALWAYS leads to unhappiness. This kind of mindset bleeds into your life for the big important stuff too (like making the decision to what you need to do next to grow your business, retain more clients, make your business more remarkable)

2. “WISH”
Wishing is weak.
Stop wishing. Start DOING.

Weak Mindset: “I wish I had time to inspire my clients”
Strong Mindset: “I MAKE time to inspire my clients because it’s important.”

Weak Mindset: “I wish my business would grow. That would be awesome.”

Strong Mindset: “I’m taking the steps to grow my business and be more profitable because I’m not the kind of weak person who’s okay with settling for less than my true potential.”

You get the point. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

3. “HOPE”
Hoping is pointless. It’s another form of WEAKNESS and procrastination. If you WANT something to happen it’s on you to MAKE it happen.

Optimism is expected because we KNOW our actions lead to results. We don’t have to hope for them, we MUST work for them!

“I sure hope this will work …”

“I’m hoping I’ll get through my to do list today …”

Bulls*&t. There’s no “hope” about it. You either do what’s necessary, or you don’t.

None of these words serve you. I’m going to stop using them immediately.

Instead, using words like DOING … WORKING … KNOWING.

Being impactful, being inspirational, being decisive and taking action to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I believe that all entrepreneurs, consultants, service providers have the ability to change the world, to smash it everyday and to transform others through their service.

The last thing we need is to hold ourselves back

PS: If you want to be around other people that can inspire you, challenge you, push you, so you win everyday and make a greater impact than ever before in your business, then send a message as we just might have the other people you’ve been looking for.


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