Saturday Night Quarantinis

It’s been a fun week doing grade 1 addition and subtraction jumping strategies with Soph, while drawing maps of the neighbourhood and locating every park close to us.

If you have never had the mentality of ‘Just Get It Done’, then I’m hoping that you are embracing and stating to change, because right now you just have to get it done and appreciate that the wind always changes.

One of the big lessons that I see coming out of this, is how we are starting to better engage with one another.

How we are creating new rules and doing things that we just didn’t think we could before.

Having Friday afternoon drinks via zoom with your friends.

Making Quarantini’s on your Saturday night through Facetime.

Leaving voice messages rather than just text so that the other person can hear your voice.

If engagement with others was never really your thing, then it is time to change the attitude and realise that it has to be.

What are you doing to keep your client tribe together?

What are you doing to keep in front of your networks?

To keep the relationships strong and to ensure that you are continuing to build your bond.

Whether it be with clients, referral partners, your networks, prospects or just people in your circle, engagement is more important than ever before.

Remember that quite often someone doesn’t know how much you really care until you do something out of the blue that makes them FEEL appreciated because you thought of them.

Here is a simple task today…

Reach out to 5 people in your networks and create a simple piece of engagement with them.

Not because you expect a sale, but because making someone else feel great is such an easy thing to do.