It’s so easy to be forgotten

45 days

Every 45 days, you’re forgotten.




Your networks won’t remember you.

Unless, you actively stay front of mind and engage with your networks.

Accelerator number 5 of our 9 Accelerators we teach our clients is all about maintaining engagement with your networks, so they don’t forget you!

It’s super simple to engage with your networks, and it doesn’t have to be hard at all.

For example; each day, we spend 10 minutes across all our platforms liking, commenting and sharing our networks content.

This simple activity ensures our name is popping up in our networks notifications, keeping us front of mind.

Another super simple activity you can do to stay front of mind, is shooting a quick how are you message to 10 people in your network 3 times a week. I can guarantee you, not only will they appreciate you thinking of them, 9 times out of 10, you’ll find there’s an opportunity there to open doors for each other or collaborate!

Remember, if you’re not engaging with your network every 45 days, you’ll be forgotten.

Last time I checked, you’re not forgettable, so make sure your network doesn’t forget you either!