Who Do You Ask When You Want Recommendations?

I was in Melbourne last week for a conference.

It was late on Wednesday night, finished for the day and needed something good to eat.

It’s not my town, I don’t know the spots close to me or what’s good or bad.

So what do you do?

You ask people for recommendations!

You get onto your social media or you send out a few texts or even maybe you phone a friend or two.

The point is we rely A LOT on other people and what they know and who they know.

So why don’t you do the same thing to build up a list of referral sources.

A referral source is someone who sells to the same people you sell to and you don’t compete with one another.

We simply just don’t use our networks well enough when creating new referral sources.

Do this right now with me, open your Facebook/LinkedIn Connections.

Have a scroll through the long list of people you have there.

You’re looking for people that have a similar audience to you, without actually doing what you do.

You should start to see 4-5 peoples names stand out to you.

Now, send this simple message to those people – ‘Hi Name, saw your face pop up and knew it was over due saying hello! How are things with you?’

Start the conversation. Once they reply, you can then chat with them about promoting each other to your networks

By doing this activity 2-3 times a week, you’ll easily get an additional 5 referral partners a week.

A simple 5 minute activity, can much such a difference in your overall performance.