When You Build Trust, You Build Relationships

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, so we can appreciate the importance of building trust when networking, facing new clients or customers and generally anyone we’re doing business with.

Keep these small things in mind in your next interactions and you’re sure to build trust quickly and connect with the person you’re talking to.

Be Predictable.

It’s almost an insult to call someone predictable because it implies they’re simple and boring. But predictability is a major ingredient in trustworthiness and it makes sense. The more consistently you behave, and the more congruence there is between what you say and what you do, the more transparent and trustworthy you’ll appear to others.

Be Humble.

The most trustworthy people aren’t just self-aware but also genuinely humble. Humility helps us take responsibility for our mistakes instead of blaming others. This makes self-deception less likely in the first place, and with that comes a lower likelihood of deceiving others. Think about it, when people are arrogant and self-important, that’s a pretty good sign to keep your distance. Chances are good that they’re more willing and able to deceive you and aren’t to be trusted.

Be Vulnerable.

A number of studies have shown that highly competent people can make themselves appear more approachable by being vulnerable. Something like a bad joke, revealing a secret, making a small mistake or blunder is all it takes to appear a bit more human, approachable and warm.

Balance is Key.

If a stranger came up to you and asked you to hold their wallet for them, would you trust them? Contrary to popular belief, trustworthiness is arguably best in moderation. As in this situation, if you trust someone excessively then you risk being naive, increasing your chances of getting taken advantage of. On the other hand, if you’re completely unable or unwilling to trust others, you won’t be able to build and maintain relations.