Trust + Credibility + Excellent Customer Service = LOYAL CLIENTS

What good is a sale if it will not be followed by several more sales? This is like telling you that your product or service was something that should not be repeated.” Uh-oh.

The secret lies in satisfying a client – well enough to merit a string of more transactions.

A highly satisfied client is a loyal client. By building your credibility and trust you build client loyalty. You can ask clients outright for referrals. When you send their quarterly statement include two business cards for them to pass along to a friend. Add a referral form to your website that includes a place to add referrals name, email address, phone number and referred by. When they refer a client, send them a thank you note. If a referred client becomes a client, send the person who referred them a small token. If you truly know your clients, you will know what to send that they will truly appreciate. Don’t send a run of the mill promotional items. Keep track to the things they tell you they are interested in and send them something that only they would receive. Show your clients that they are truly respected and appreciated and they will return the favour.

Remember the magic formula: Trust + Credibility +Loyalty = Referrals…. plus a satisfying business relationship. .All these factors determine the success of any business.