The best way to build trust and rapport with customers is to ask questions focused on the customer and then use your effective listening skills throughout the conversation. Many sales people talk themselves out of sales every single day but it is very hard to listen yourself out of a sale.

If you mention or discuss your product, service or price before you have established a high enough level of likability, trust, and credibility with a prospect, you will kill the sale. The prospect will tune out and will lose all interest in doing business with you. This is why you must be patient at the beginning and ask questions, listening closely to the answers, as a way of building trust.

Another way to build trust is to respond quickly to customer needs or problems. Nothing quite kills the trustworthiness of a business transaction than the inability to provide an answer or solution at the exact moment the customer needs it. If you’ve promised to deliver, be sure you can keep that promise. Never ever make the mistake of faltering with your after-sales service. This is worse than turning off a prospect even before a sale is made. Imagine being a client, putting in your hard-earned money, trusting that a product or service will be the answer to a need, and then be disappointed with what you paid for? That would be any business’ downfall. Promise only what you can deliver. Never lie to make a sale.