The Power of “Small Talk”

What are so many of us getting wrong? We think we need to make great presentations or big speeches to be heard, get what we need and reach our goals.

However, we’re missing a critical piece of the puzzle. The power is in the little things and when you’re networking and building connections – never underestimate the power of small talk. It’s an important component of how we ultimately reach our goals.

How will small talk help me reach my goals? It’s the small talk – the building of relationships, that will help you succeed.

Start by making small talk with every person you’re meeting for the first time. This may sound like big commitment but all it takes is a few minutes.

Strike up a conversation with the person at the front desk before your meeting, or the receptionist on the other end of your call to a client. Chat with the people shipping or making your product and work on building relationships with everyone along the way. These are the people who will help you succeed.

A few quick tips to get you started:

  • Always be yourself
  • Ask them about themselves – ask what they like, what they do etc.
  • Ask about their family and be involved
  • Listen and give your full attention

When you spend even just a few minutes doing this, the other person walks away feeling like you care about them, which you do because they’re going to help you succeed. You begin building a relationship. Good business and strong referrals are built upon relationships.