The Last Thing That Should Stop Is….

We all know that good old saying “When things get tough, the tough get going”

Sure, things right now are a bit uncertain

BUT things right now provide you with amazing opportunities

So the last thing that you should be stopping is your marketing

A good marketing system is the lifeline of your business

When things get tight you should be doubling down on your marketing and spend more time, effort or resources

So what could you be doing:

1.       Get yourself seen more online through your social platforms

2.       Reach out and engage personally with your clients and networks

3.       Organise virtual coffees and still have meetings to create collaborations and opportunities

4.       Concentrate on adding value and serving at a higher level than ever before

5.       Talk to your CRM and offer value

Bottom line, you can’t just stop and you shouldn’t

Our Partnership Club clients are looking at how they run monthly online trainings, do more live Q&A on social platforms, make sure they have daily social content adding value to their audiences.

They are getting on podcasts and webinars, creating partnerships with associations, clubs and other businesses.

Bottom line, they are doubling down on their marketing and sales and not just stopping.

So what is your plan to make sure you continue to attract, educate and get prospects who have the pain point you solve to raise their hand and reach out to you?