An Interesting Morning with Three Different People

I think my morning pretty much sums up on how people are right now in their business. 

I had 3 great zoom calls, all very different and all with a big lesson that I want to share with you.

The first person, excited, passionate, certain of their services, leading his clients, had lost a handful of clients, but could see really clearly why and what they didn’t have in place to ensure they would continue.

The result, I need to make sure that I get them in the first months of working with me to fix this part of the business and future proof it, then they will never be short on cash.

They also have set themselves a goal of 50 new clients and won’t stop until they get them.

Let’s call them the ‘Proactive Leader’.

The second person, no matter what I said, they were negative, there was a reason why it couldn’t be done, why it wouldn’t work, why they just had to sit on the sidelines and wait it out.

Now I get that everyone has stuff going on, everyone has new challenges and a bunch of things they have probably never had to face before.

But I also know you get to choose what the attitude is, that you are going to take.

Let’s call them the ‘Negative Nay Sayer’

The third person was the real interesting one.

They were working real hard to help their clients, they have got some amazing results and were trying to lead and add value wherever they could.

The problem with the third person was they didn’t feel they should get paid for doing so and therefore was not charging people to help them.

Or letting people pay when things got better in 6-9 months’ time.

Noble, but definitely needed a mind shift change or they wouldn’t have a business themselves very soon.

The simple fact unfortunately is as humans when something is free or given to us, we don’t value it and therefore we don’t utilise it the way we should.

The more something costs, the more it is valued.

The more it is valued, the more action and implementation is taken. Therefore getting the results they need.

Let’s call them the ‘Perfect Helper’

So a simple question to you is:

What are you being right now?

What do you need to be?

Right now you still have people that have the pain points that you solve and who are looking for solutions.

Right now you still have people who want the outcome that you deliver.

Right now your messaging, marketing channels and nurturing need to be better than ever before.

If you want to be the Proactive Leader, even if you are not sure how to be right now, then I want you to comment below and let’s talk some more