STOP Stuffing Up How You Social Media Message People

Can we please just be better than this!

I understand you think it is how you will get new clients.

I understand it’s your survival nature and you know nothing better.

BUT, honestly it is pathetic and all it is doing is shooting you in the foot long term.

AND… for all those people who are teaching this as a way to get clients, it is only a mater of time before you won’t have a business and everyone can be thankful for that.

So, what am I ranting on about?

The joys of social media sell by chat hunting

Sending messages to people who don’t know you, so they definitely don’t like you and therefore certainly can’t resonate or trust you, just because you’re desperate for a sale.

If you were face to face and just met this person in a room and started a conversation the way you vomit all over them in your social media messages, you’d either get a punch in the nose or rudely be told to get lost.

By the way you deserve both of those things.

Here is what we should be doing with social media messaging and how to actually use it for good to create amazing opportunities for your business.

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