Reason Why The Majority Of Businesses Fail In The First 5 Years…

I can see why the majority of businesses fail in the first 5 years.

I can see why it is so much easier to go and work for someone than to have the stress, pressure, reliance to get knock down everyday and get back up.

But, I can also see why you don’t, why you never give up, why you keep on pushing through, why not quitting is not an option.

Over the past decade of being in business, I’ve constantly asked one question, over and over and over again.

You see I feel today, more than ever, we get to caught up at the ‘activity’ level.

I need to do fb ads, SEO, go to networking events, get in that next trade show, etc

Sure the activity to get exposure is needed, but it is this that we need to understand to make the activity actually work.

The question I keep asking myself is “why do clients buy from me”, why is it that clients come and choose to use us, over anyone else that does something similar?

The answer is simple
The answer is the same for everyone
The answer is what we should be working on EVERY minute that we are awake.

No it’s got nothing to do with your product or service

No it’s got nothing to do with the results or outcome you get

No it’s got nothing to do with your price

These are all misconceptions and what you’ve been told it is to why you don’t have the business you want.

But really it comes down to 3 simple words
‘Resonate, Respect, Inspired’

Do I resonate with you as a person and the solution you offer

Do I respect you, believe you, trust you in what you are saying

Do you inspire me to create change and get the outcome you offer. Will life be better because of you.

Of course easier said than done, or is it?

PS: If you’d like to be more remarkable, profitable and impactful in your business and life, then shoot me through a message and let’s talk some more.