Stand Out From Everyone Else

It is this time of year where most business owners go ‘I need to actually reach out to my clients’ so I will send them a Christmas Card or Gift.

Don’t get me wrong, a great idea, but there are so many things that people do wrong that ensure it loses all of the goodwill you are trying to create.

So here are some things to think about…

Don’t send gifts that are branded and therefore you are really sending it is because you want them to remember you… You aren’t sending it because you care or are thinking of them.

Don’t send a card that has – by the way if you need (insert whatever) then we are here for you…  Again the purpose of the card was for yourself, not because you cared about them.

Sending a card with your brand plastered over the back or your contact details… It screams it is all about me and not you.

If you are going to use this time of year to show your clients that you actually care about them and you are thinking of them (which you should be) then do it with class.

We talk about getting client referrals all the time and a big part of the formula is showing your clients you actually do care.

The more as a human we feel someone cares about us, the more we are likely to want to do things for them!

So the holiday period is a great time to show the ‘care’ but then don’t just do it once a year, make sure you have it planned out for the whole customer journey.

This is one thing that we will be going through on our referral growth summit

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