A referral based business

I often hear business consultants say, you can’t grow a business on referrals.

And for most people they can’t.

Simply because getting 2-3 referrals a month will never allow you to really grow.

The fact is you shouldn’t be getting only 2-3 referrals a month.

In fact, you should be getting less than 10 a month!

If your business was getting 10 referrals a month and you closed 7-8 of them (as referrals are always easier to close than cold traffic)

Then you would have 100 new clients in 12 months.

Imagine 100 new clients a year, all through referrals.

You see this isn’t some dream, it is quite simple to do when you have some foundations in place.

I’m going to spend 4 hours on our upcoming referral growth summit, walking through the foundations we use to

  • Build referral sources and create our referral partner whiteboard
  • Systemise client referrals and have your clients bringing you new business every day
  • Create joint venture gift partners so you always have a flow of new prospects
  • Maximise our networks and create ongoing exposure and doors being opened

If right now you are trying to get new clients by posting on social media daily, hoping that someone might contact you

Or commenting on posts and in social media groups, thinking that if you add enough value, they will message you

Or putting up videos constantly hoping that someone will watch them and reach out

Or going to networking events handing out business cards and doing your elevator pitch with the hope that someone might need you

Then it’s time you put in place foundations that will fill your pipeline every day with qualified, warm leads and stop hoping that someone will reach out.

Join us at the next Referral Growth Summit Right Here