How to Create Your Conversation Plan in Under 2 Minutes

If you’re not having new conversations every day, you’re missing out on creating new business for yourself.

New business starts with a conversation. You need to create conversations every day and get people to talk back to you. If you’re not initiating at least 10 new conversations each day, you’re not creating enough opportunities for yourself on a regular basis. A good goal is to aim for around 50 new conversations each week.

To reach any goal, you need to start with a plan. Here’s a 3-step plan to creating new conversations.

Step 1

Just open the conversation. Whether you reach out through social media, email, text messages or just pick up the phone and call. Put a message out there and see who wants to talk and gets back to you.

Step 2

Book in time to talk with those who respond to you. When someone responds to your message(s), you know they’re interested in taking the time to speak with you.

Step 3
Work out what’s next. Do you need to find solutions to challenges? Can you open doors for each other? Share networks with each other? Discuss ways that you can promote and help each other.

That’s it. 3 simple steps to creating your conversation plan in under 2 minutes.