Credibility = ‘Trust-ability’: How to be an Influencer and get more Business

People work with those they like, know and TRUST. When you’re having conversations with new people and looking for new referral partners who you haven’t spoken to before, you need to build that trust. One way to do so is enhance your credibility.

Review these 3 tips on how to increase your credibility and level of influence with those around you.

Eliminate the Credibility Gap.

Move past the unknown. The reason an inquiry is made in the first place is because a prospect is trying to avoid the pain that comes along with working with the wrong person. Reduce or even eliminate their anxiety by increasing your credibility. Answer the questions that often come up, position yourself as an expert in the field and you’ll close that gap by eliminating the unknown and get the business.

Lead through Education

The most successful brands and businesses in the world have adopted this simple strategy. Millions of internet searches are done every day. People are looking for information. The best marketers understand this and simply give them something valuable around what they want.

Everyone wants to work with an expert, so why can’t that be you? Concentrate on creating content that answers questions that are frequently asked. Demonstrate your knowledge and be the expert they’re seeking. This earns their respect, answers their beginning questions and starts to bridge the credibility gap.

Get Serious

Try creating your own campaign that closes the credibility gap. Write a blog article regularly, do a webinar or even host a live event that puts your skills on showcase. Don’t have the time? (Outsource it). Over time you will have a body of work that can be passed around that positions you as a thought leader.

Leading with this content strategy has proven to be one of the most effective ways to get more referrals. When your credibility is high, your trust goes up. And when your trust goes up, so does business.