Your best source of new business is referrals from happy customers or clients. You cannot receive a better lead than one that has been sent your way with a strong referral.

You know this feeling too well, which is why you know how precious it is to be given a referral. So how do you spread your good fortune and this time, send referrals to the direction of someone else?

Here are some ideas.

Give a prospect contact details of someone you know who can help

You cannot be the answer to every need. Even you yourself look to different suppliers for all of the things you need. So when you know you are not going to be the heaven-sent saviour for a matter that needs solving, you can still help both the client and another business by sending the customer towards the direction of someone who needs a little more business. Do this and you earn gratitude points. Plus this ups the possibility of being the beneficiary of something similar. Good karma at its best.

Make it really easy for those looking for help

Add links to others’ website pages (in multiple places that make sense) on your own site.

Put links to review sites in all your communications: In every e-mail, repeated posted on your Facebook company page, in direct mail (with instructions, in that case), etc. Share those links through all your communication channels.

Ask your own existing clients how else you can help

Perhaps your own established and satisfied clients need some further help about something which is not your area of expertise? This simple question opens opportunities for you to refer others. Remember, without that all-important inquiry, the opportunity to refer will be less likely to open.

Create another way to recommend other services

Provide recommendations by phone for vendors with which you work with. Referees can take advantage of opportunities you open, which can help them close several deals just by you creating high-value prospects speak with them. Introduce them to each other over coffee or lunch. Pave the way – give them that extra push which they may be too embarrassed to take.

Consider affiliates / a partnership

Strike a deal with a similar (but not the same) business. For example, for every laptop sale you make, send your client to a partner business providing software – and vice versa. If someone approaches your partner for software, but this client needs a hardware upgrade (which is your line of business), then have them sent your way too. Cooperation – for mutual assistance and referrals.