If you are currently drumming out ways to increase your number of clients through referrals, then here are some tips worth considering.

Timing and opportunity are two of the most important items to consider. Here are prime examples.

Ask at the Point of Enthusiasm

You’re probably wondering when the best time to ask for a referral is. The answer is, when your customer, prospect or associate is at the peak of their enthusiasm — when they’re in the most positive frame of mind possible.

If you exceed customer expectations and they compliment you or exclaim that what you did for them was awesome, they’re undoubtedly in a positive frame of mind. As this happens, don’t waste time — jump on this opportunity. Ask right then and there who else they know (narrow the universe if you can) who could benefit from your products or services.

Another point of positive enthusiasm is when people pay you. Once again, don’t waste time. Pounce and ask for that referral.

Give your referral prospects time

Allow your clients time to come up with referrals by giving them time to think it through and letting them know when you will call to follow up. Putting them on the spot will not allow them the time to pull together a full and accurate list, if any list at all. And current clients may resent being put on the spot. If you give good service, your client will be more than happy to refer you to others.

Bring like-minded people together

Create a top-of-the-class networking club. Make a list of those people in your city who you know to be well-connected, great networkers, then invite them all to come together with one catch – they have to bring someone that they think the rest of the group should meet. It’s likely this person will be a great networker, too.

When great networkers get together in the same room, the energy is unmistakable, and they share leads like there’s no tomorrow. Plus, because everyone in the room will be of the same caliber, there’ll be an even higher propensity to share, because everyone will feel like the giving and receiving is balanced.