You can attend all the networking events you can possibly go to, but it’s very possible for those who recently met you to forget you within days of meeting. This is unless you know how to remind them you exist – without sounding too persistent or pesky.

How to do it? Here are some good ways.

Quick follow-up

After meeting someone for the first time you need to follow up quickly and consistently to embed yourself in their memory. One of the best suggestions is to respond within 24 hours of meeting, touch base again after a week and then again within the month. Each point of contact should be meaningful, different and more about them than you. You’ll then find, more often than not, that they are likely to remember you several months later. Most importantly – they will NOT forget you.

Invite them out

It’s hard to forget anyone you have more than just a fleeting “hi” and “hello” with. Nothing beats personal interaction. When the opportunity arises, make time in your diary to see people in person. When you have shared stories and/or hobbies and interests with, it becomes natural that contacts remember you more than the ones they simply shook hands with.

Use technology to your advantage

How many people have you first met through email and text messaging, Facebook and Twitter – whom you will never forget? Email is a powerful tool. People do not use it enough to communicate on a regular basis. Email, when used correctly, connect people – regardless of the distance between them.

Use emails to communicate industry trends, events, and news with your contacts. They’ll be glad to hear from you, and will think of you next time they need help with a product or service that you offer.

Text messaging is also valuable. It’s simple and short and it does a really good job of reminding people that you exist. When was the last time you sent people a text message, one by one, thanking them for being in your life? We can never get or give enough gratitude.