Very Few People Do This…

You see getting referrals is great if they are qualified and they actually need what it is you do.
The problem is a lot of the time we are handed referrals where that is not the case and therefore it is hard work to convince them to use you.
You should not ever be in that position if you trained your referral partners correctly.
Having a referral partner is like having a team member.
You need to nurture them, educate them, show them the right ways to do things, have a process in place, etc
We do this through our referral training manual.
It is a 8-10 page document that we sit down with our referral partners and go through so that they understand what is a great referral and how to introduce the conversation.
The simple fact is, if you are hoping that your referral partners understand how to pass your referrals and you’re not willing to spend any time or effort in training them, then you will get the results you deserve.
If you would like a copy, happy to share, leave a comment and I’ll send you over the pdf of mine to model