Time to step up!

We have people all over the world in our networks.
Some are in lockdown and can’t leave their houses.
Some have most normality back and we have a lot of people in between.
I believe in 2020 we have been taught a real valuable lesson, in how we are and how we deal with others.
You see it shouldn’t only be in a crisis that we step up and be there for someone else, it should be all the time.
It shouldn’t be when we are in a great position that we offer assistance to those that aren’t, it should be all the time.
It shouldn’t be when we have some time up our sleeve that we reach out to check on others, it should be all the time.
All of this should be “a way of life”.
A simple question for you right now…
How can you make your clients, prospects, networks, the team feel appreciated, warm and fuzzy and cared for.
Some simple suggestions:
Reach out messages
Liking, Commenting, Promoting, Announcing things for them
Handwritten card
SMS / Text Message
Lovely email or SM Message
A gift
A phone call
There is a lot you could do, start becoming that person.