The Way I Love To Do Business

Michael practices what he preaches (end of story).  Insight and experience has equipped Michael with the most creative and wonderfully engaging way to bringing business to more people.  Michael has reinforced the vital importance of building relationships with absolutely everyone.  More importantly Michael doesn’t focus on money, but rather looking at each person in our life that we know whether a relative, our friends, teammates, neighbours, personal Facebook friends, school parents…anyone and seeing each relationship as an opportunity not as a potential client.  Plus he focuses on looking for ways to help our connections and it will turn around to come back to help you.  Thank you Michael – this is the way I LOVE to do business!

Heidi Evans – Founder ‘My Life PA’


Proven World Class Referral Marketing Strategist and Trainer

When you provide a service that every business needs, yet very few people understand or know exists, referrals are extremely important. I’ve attended countless networking events over the years and found most of them disappointing. People focused on selling their services and products; talking at each other and totally missing the point of networking.

Impressed with Michael Griffiths’ Referral Marketing LinkedIn posts, I decided to take up his invitation to attend his Referral Madness networking events in North Sydney last year. What I found was a network of businesses that understood the importance of building relationships and building trust before sales, and the importance of helping other businesses to achieve success.

This year Michael brought together more than a dozen like minded businesses. With his guidance the group has generated far more valuable referrals than I had previously been able to through other networks. We have build some great JV’s and strategic alliance.

As a profiler, it didn’t take me long to work out that Michael is passionate and genuine about helping businesses to grow. To me, Michael has proven himself as a world class referral marketing strategist and trainer. I would recommend that you grab the opportunity to talk to Michael and see where he can help you take your business too.

Alan Stevens – The Celebrity Profiler, Executive Coach and Trainer


One Of The Best Courses That I Have Ever Attended

A couple of months ago I attended Michael’s two day “Referral Marketing Course”, it is one of the best courses that I have ever attended. It changed my whole perspective on the way networking should be done, the type of questions that you should ask and provided the skills to implement systems to ensure a constant flow of referrals. The course was very structured by providing you with a step by step guide on how to build your networks and referral partners. This system will allow you to grow your business by allowing you to “turn on a tap” of constant referrals which you can control. What I particularly liked about the course was there were ample opportunities to practice these new skills with your fellow classmates and perfect your networking skills. It is very apparent from the course that Michael loves what he does, practices what he preaches and wants your business to succeed and grow by implementing the knowledge and skills you learnt from his course, nothing would please him more!!! I would highly recommend Michael’s course to anyone that wants to grow their business. Jace Pearson – Terralinks



I Can Apply Simple Steps To Generate As Many Referrals As I Need

I was struggling to figure out how I was going to get more leads coming through our doors without having to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on marketing.
Then sitting at a lunch meeting (Michael was the guest speaker) I listened to Michael talk about how I can generate more referrals and needed to know more!  I maintained contact with Michael and heard a lot of great things about his course form others. I then made a decision to sign up and attend his course.  After attending his course I have learnt that spending thousands of dollars is not the only way to go about generating leads for my business. I can apply some simple steps to generate as many referrals as i need and want.  Working with Michael has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that a powerful network can create, not only in business but in all areas of life.  Michael has been a great motivator for myself and employees. Although I have not known Michael for a long time, I will do everything I can to ensure he will be in my life/network for years to come. Thanks for your help thus far Michael and I look forward to our continued relationship.” Vicky Lydon – Brdon Project Solutions


Within The First Week I Instantly Noticed That My Network Broadened Significantly

Prior to doing Michael’s course I found that I was averaging one qualified referral a week. I had the capacity to receive three or four referrals a week, but I just didn’t know where or how to get them. A number of my business owners in my network had completed Michael’s course and were raving about how it has changed their business, so of course I wanted the same for my business. This course opened my eyes to so many possibilities and showed me that it is really quite simple to form profitable referral relationships, with a simple monitored strategy which I follow on a daily basis. By implementing ‘the points’ strategy and following it like clock-work, within the first week I instantly noticed that my network broadened significantly and I was being contacted by business owners / referral partners who wanted to do business with and refer clients to me. I can’t recommend this course highly enough! For anyone ready to grow their business and referrals fast, this course should be the first thing on your to do list.” Jacqui Nonkovski – Manage My Investment


I Was Not Overly Confident When Attending Networking Events

“Although I consider myself to be an outgoing person, I was not overly confident when attending Networking events and felt I was missing out on opportunities through my inexperience connecting with others . After hearing about Michael’s course through people who had attended his course, I decided to undertake the course to improve my skills and confidence so that I could more effectively connect with others who would be in the position to help me grow my business further.

After taking the course I feel more confident, especially with the skills I have developed through strategies and role play. Most importantly I have learned more about myself, which was vital in order for me to develop a structured referral program as part of those strategies.

I have already started to see the benefits of utilising referrals partners and over the last week, solely through referrals received from networking partners, I have taken up 3 new clients and just as importantly, I have been able to refer business on to some of my networking contacts as well.”  Alee Cochrane – Total Book Keeping and Business Solutions


The Course Exceeded My Expectations

I was placed in a new position in the company and needed guidance on how fulfill my role to the best of my ability. I saw Michael speak at a marketing workshop called Networx and knew he would be the best person to help me and get results. The course exceeded my expectations. Michael not only imparts knowledge and advice, he provides a detailed framework and strategy to implement to get your off to a flying start. It has revolutionised the way I do business. The results have been immediate and the network I have been introduced to has been invaluable. Lisa PorterEat, Fit, Food


A Must For Business Owners, Salesperson or BDM

Coming from an Account Management background I pride myself on building strong relationships. I’d received a few referrals now and then, but they certainly didn’t walk through the door on a regular basis. I thought I knew what networking was about. As way of introduction, I noticed that a few of the members presented a question rather than lead off with their name like most of us would do. This was a powerful way to engage the audience and have them quickly relate to a need. As I discovered these people had attended Michael Griffith’s Referral Marketing Course. I wanted to learn more…  I’ll never look at LinkedIn or networking events in the same way again! Amongst other things, the course provided me with a structure and templates to use for building a referral system, relevant for business or for me as a professional. It showed me how to build my network and how to become more visible, credible and profitable. It taught me how to build referral partners (a concept I’d not considered previously) and how to train them so that they know how to support me with referrals each week. Essentially, I learnt it’s about give, not take and that sits well with me. The more I have to give to my referral partners, the more I can expect to receive. This course is a must do for anyone who is a business owner, salesperson, BDM that works in professional services or even those hoping to use networking to find their next challenge. Louise Thyler


Translates Into Bottom-Line Growth

“Although adept at build networks of friends, understanding how to build an equivalent referral network for my business was proving to be a slow process. Fortunately I heard about Michael’s Referral Marketing course through a number of trusted associates and decided to explore it further. The two day course really assisted me to focus on the required aspects of generating and managing referrals, and gave me a system which has made it a simple and repeatable process. Thanks to the course, I have been able to bring order and visibility to my referral marketing strategies which can only translate into bottom-line growth.” Scott Ward – Digital Infusions


The Strategies On How To Implement A “Proper” Referral Marketing Program Was Priceless

I thought I knew a bit about referral marketing!  However, it was lacking structure and consistency. I was receiving a handful of referrals each month, but not qualified and not the right ones. I had known Michael for close to twelve months, but not personally, just kept hearing a lot about him and what he was doing for others in their businesses in relations to referral marketing. I knew something had to change! Hence I made the decision to attend his Referral Marketing course and things haven’t been the same since. In just the first 3hours of the course we found 25 referrals for only 6 of the attendees. Incredible! The strategies on how to implement a “proper” referral marketing program was priceless. The program was totally experiential and we were immersed in “doing” rather than just reading and listening. From how to work with your referral partners at networking events; to fine tuning your pitch; the strategies were endless and priceless. The other attendees were on a similar wave-length to which we have already created strong referral partnerships and creating business for one another within 2 days of completing the course! I now have a structure and consistency has been “king”. I am now crystal clear on the specific types of referrals and how to coach my referral partners to provide quality referrals. Thank you Michael for allowing me to learn your insights and be able to implement then immediately. Fantastic!! James Short – Owner Of Goals Tribe