I Will Never Have To Make A Cold Call Again

As an entrepreneur and running multiple companies, I’ve always understood the power of networks, but never really knew how to get the most of them consistently. After meeting Michael and hearing glowing reviews from previous attendees on his course, I decided to do something about it and improve my knowledge and situation. In just 2 days of doing his referral marketing course, I had new ideas, proven processes and a well laid out strategy at my finger-tips. Less than a week after completion and by putting a lot of the things I learned into action, my referrals TRIPLED. And this is just the beginning… Michael teaches you the EASY way to gain business, network effectively and build lasting win/win business relationships that will produce boat loads of quality referrals. Not only that, it has seriously opened up my eyes to new and more effective ways of marketing that will generate better returns on my time. I will never have to make a cold call again! 2014 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for my businesses & expanding network and I have Michael Griffiths to thank for it! Thanks Michael! Jason Bettinger – Webfixers


I Learnt The Value Of Referral Partnering

As a start up business I needed to find a marketing specialist that could provide me with the marketing tools I needs to enable me to get the right clients and keep them.
I had the opportunity to meet with Michael Griffiths – owner of “Referral Marketing Guru” – as I recognised that his unique marketing tools would be ideal for my business.
I decided to attend his 2 day course and I was blown away by the detail, the passion and the strength and ease of use displayed during this course.
I learnt the value of referral partnering and how this is a two way street of trust that then expands out into credible and profitable referral partners.
I achieved the confidence of knowing how to implement and grow my business using these techniques, knowing I have the ability to succeed and helping others to succeed as well. Judith Harris – Risk Insurance – Strategic Specialist


I Was Really Impressed With The Structure

While I find it fairly easy to network with other business owners, I always struggled to generate business through these networks. I heard how good Michael’s course was through other people in my BNI network so I decided to give it a try. I was really impressed with the structure and thinking behind Michael’s system, and the fact that you can start implementing it staright away during the course itself. I found it inspirational and practical and – although I only finished the course 48 hours ago – I’m already starting to use the techniques and processes he recommends to build my connections in a way that will generate more business. Justin CooperTransformation Coach at Your Authentic Business


I Was Unsure How Best To Tap Into My Own and Others Networks To Grow Referrals

Prior to attending Michael’s Referral Marketing course I was unsure how best to tap in to my own and others networks to grow referrals for my business. I connected with Michael after he visited my BNI chapter and he immediately connected me with two business owners that had done the course so I could see the difference it was making for them. The framework, activities and habits Michael teaches are far more than ‘just common sense’ – they are a whole new approach to growing referrals. The impact of the course’s networking component alone had an immediate effect on my results – both for myself and for others with whom I share referrals. I highly recommend anyone genuinely motivated to grow their business through more, better quality referrals to listen to Michael. He can give you clarity, new networking techniques and most importantly, a proven plan of action to get more referrals. Giles White – Director Whiteclick


It’s The Results That Count

I’ve always considered myself a strong networker and someone who connects others. My businesses have always relied on strong referrals and testimonials from others but the majority of new business had come from research, cold-calling and pure marketing of product and services. I’ve also had success with SEO, SEM and affiliations and deem this to be an important part of acquiring business although it wasn’t enough. I wanted to gain more control and be pro-active in acquiring business. Michael Griffiths from The Referral Marketing Guru was referred through to me from trusted business associates. Like them, I understand that referrals are Gold and I’ve seen their success utilising this path. So, I needed to know more. I jumped at the opportunity to learn the ropes and get down to the fundamentals of Referral Marketing. It was something no-one else had provided and I wanted the success my business associates were having. I was provided with great information, A-ha moments and ideas, processes and activities that I can realistically adhere to in my every-day activities. It also enabled me to think outside my current environment and contacts and therefore enhance and develop my ventures much, much further and in a shorter period of time. But, it’s the results that count. Since completing the course, I’ve made new contacts and developed strong associations with like-minded business contacts. I’ve put these new tools into use and have seen a dramatic increase in my revenue forecast. More importantly, I’ve had immediate results and these came from areas I didn’t even think of prior.  Thanks Michael. I have the confidence to refer you to anyone and everyone looking to enhance their business. Adam Halen – House Man


A Very Worthwhile Investment Of My Time

Referrals are the best value business development tool for attracting and securing new clients, and whilst I was getting a lot of repeat business and referrals from existing clients I was not getting as many as I wanted from my business contacts.  I heard about the Referral Marketing course directly from Michael who was already in my network and it seemed a very worthwhile investment of my time.  The course itself was incredibly interactive and practical, giving clear and useful actions that could be effected swiftly. It was also full of likeminded people who were potential referral partners.  Subsequent to the course I have implemented a number of initiatives, secured at least 4 more very valuable referral partners and have a roadmap to significantly increase and improve my business development outcomes.  I would be happy to provide more information and feedback to anyone considering booking into the program, although it should be a no brainer, particularly for those in professional services looking to build the quality and effectiveness of their referrals. Caroline Gilroy – Purple Lightbulb


These 2 Days Have Been A Great Investment In Myself and My Business

Being a hands-on business owner, I often found it difficult to find time to get out and promote my business, attending networking events with not as much return on my time as I would like. I was referred to Michael and introduced to his Referral Marketing 2 day course to learn how to increase the referrals into my business. These 2 days have been a great investment in myself and my business, leaving the course already having implemented strategies to increase those all important referrals. I am already seeing the benefits. I thoroughly recommend Michael’s course to anyone looking to build their business. Penny Ransby – Bench Creative Design Studio

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Our Referrals Have Increased To 10-15 Per Week

Prior to using Michael services & completing his referral marketing course we received on average 1-3 referrals per week. Michael & his referral marketing program have been instrumental in providing myself & the team with the skills to unlock the value in our referral marketing partners & strategies. Our team is now using these skills successfully and referrals from our current clients and partners have increased to 10-15 per week! See the results for yourself & give Michael a call, He really is the referral marketing guru. Schalk Van Der Merwe – Account Executive at Multi Secure Financial Services


A Mixture Of ‘Aha’ Moments, ‘WOW’ Moments and Kick Up The Butt Moments

After more than a decade of building a huge following online, the yield for the investment in both time and money was very low. The types of referrals I would receive were either unqualified (so I spent time qualifying them), qualified but ill-informed about what I do (so I spent time walking them through the basics instead of starting the conversation at a higher level), or they were not leads for me at all. Never too shy to admit that an old dog can learn new techniques, when the opportunity came along to attend the Referral Marketing Guru workshop I totally jumped at it. I had known Michael for a couple of years and I have a lot of respect for what he has achieved in the marketing space with previous businesses. Given this and knowing his wider reputation, I was confident that the two day workshop would be packed full of practical advice, actual doing, and learning how to do referral marketing better instead of just learning what to do. Needless to say I had high expectations and Michael totally over-delivered. For me personally there were a mixture of ‘Aha!’ moments, ‘Wow!’ moments, kick up the butt reminders of what I should respectively shouldn’t do (thanks Michael I especially needed those) and a chest full of new practical tools, tips and techniques to actually implement immediately to achieve greater leverage and generate more warm to very hot leads. Since completing the Referral Marketing Guru workshop I have noticed that I am receiving better quality referrals more referrals over all. Based on the trend since the workshop, I expect that in six months our lead-source segmented pipeline report for closed-won deals will show both a significant increase in revenue and a huge bias toward referral based business over all other marketing channels. I highly recommend Michael’s Referral Marketing Guru workshop to everybody and am happy to verify this recommendation by phone. Paul Lange, Chairman at CleverX Blue Ocean Business Incubators


Our Business Is Gaining Visibility and We Are Building Credibility Day by Day

As a smaller company we don’t have the manpower to dedicate a person specifically to our Referral Marketing/Social Media however engaging Michael has given us the opportunity not just learning how to do it but do it well – Michael becoming our Inhouse Referral Marketing Guru.  As a General Insurance Broker we need exposure via our referrals, marketing, website etc and Michael has assisted us greatly in getting our message out there. How to engage in Social Media properly has been an unknown to us before we engaged Michael and he made it easy to understand how to do this correctly and benefit greatly. The training Michael provides is extensive not just in Social Media but networking, building strong, meaningful and profitable Referral Partnerships which is what our business is all about – face to face. Our business is gaining visibility and we are building credibility day by day due to the services that Michael is providing our Company.
Thanks Retha van der Merwe, Managing Director, Multi Secure Financial Solutions