Simple Tips to Get More Customer Referrals

To get more good customers, focus on your best customers

Your most valuable customers are most likely your most loyal ones and most likely to refer. Look through your CRM system for your best customers and leverage your personal relationship to ask for referrals.

Ask after the checkout process

Timing is a critical factor in referral requests. The end of the checkout process is a good place for it. At this point, it won’t distract your visitor from converting, and given the fact that they just converted, they probably have a positive attitude towards you.

Use a cheeky questionnaire

If you find a direct request for referrals doesn’t quite work for you, you can hide the request in the shape of a questionnaire as well. Start with, “How likely are you to advise [insert your product, service or business] to a friend?” Instead of asking for a favour, you start by asking for their opinion, which makes them feel valued, and boosts their self-esteem. At the same time you make them realise how much they appreciate your service/product and direct their mind towards the idea of referring.

Get close to their friends and minimise the effort with autofill

Sorry to say it, but most customers are lazy in nature. But if you can make it easier for them, they’re more likely to refer you. You can try adding auto fill forms or integrate the referral platform to their social networks and allow them to pick the referrals they would like to make.

If you’re after reviews, make it super easy

Follow these steps to make it as easy as possible so you don’t lose them along the way.

  • Add links to your website pages (in multiple places that make sense) for all the review sites on which you appear (Yelp, Angie’s List, Google, etc.).
  • Put links to review sites in all your communications: In your emails, your Facebook company page, in direct mail or deliveries, really any point of contact you have.
  • Make it easy for customers to find the answers to “What do I do?” and “Why me?” no matter where they go. For example, you can put them in downloadable PDFs on your website and then share that link through all your communication channels
  • Help them figure out how to describe their experience. Many people are afraid of looking silly in print or while taking to peers, so make it easy to find other reviews people have done as models. Plus, this will enhance your social proof.