Lost Opportunities – Which One’s Are You Missing?

What opportunities are you missing? Get yourself in the right mindset now and don’t miss any more! Opportunities are everywhere, but do you see them?

With the holidays swiftly approaching – this means more parties, BBQ’s family get-togethers and plenty of opportunities for referrals.

You’ll find opportunities every day if you know where to look and have the right mindset. They’re in the people you talk to every day, the places you visit, where you are online, or offline, you can find them amid bad events, with people who are unhappy, people who are happy, people who are interested. And everyone you’ll meet this holiday season. The question is, are you open to the opportunities?

This often comes down to your mindset more than anything else. Are you thinking in the right way? If so, you can turn so many of these opportunities into business, and the great part is, you can train yourself to get in the right mindset too.

It’s easy for all of us to get completely buried within a mindset that makes you focus on one thing and not being able to see the others things. The antidote is to tweak your mindset so you can notice more opportunities.

It sounds easier said than done, but really all you need to do is get in the habit of asking yourself better questions about each interaction you have. Find out, is there an opportunity in there? What else can I draw from that? Don’t get caught up in one moment or perspective and lose out on an opportunity that’s there.

Get in the habit and of asking yourself these types of questions:

  • What can I learn from this?
  • What can I do differently?
  • How can I get a different result?

These types of questions make you think in a different way and ensure you’re not just accepting what happened for what it was. It’s helping you to think differently about each interaction you have. Next ask questions like: ‘How can I turn this into an opportunity?’ The more you ask, the more you’ll be able to start seeing opportunities.

You need to challenge yourself to keep thinking, and when you start to question things, you start to get different ways of thinking. If you get stuck in negative feedback loops, you start to talk negatively. Ask different question to show conscious and ego that everything’s okay and that you’re still in control.

How to take new opportunities? Start by recognizing them. You can’t recognize an opportunity without evaluating what’s happening. Get in this habit and it will change your brain, your thinking and your outcomes. You’ll notice the difference in the opportunities you’re creating and you’ll start to see you can only change what you do when you ask better questions.