How to Choose the Right Referral Partners

There are some important things you need to do when choosing and growing a strong referral partnership.

Who’s the Right Referral Partner for You?

First, make sure you find the right referral partner. The right person is someone who has the same mindset as you and is in line with your values. Don’t get stuck into thinking that you have to have the same or similar network to be a good fit because you can build relationship with whatever networks your referral partner has.

The Right Communication

There are 2 common reasons whey referral partnerships don’t work. The first reason being due to poor communication.

So perhaps it’s not much of a surprise that the right referral partner is someone who you like and are excited about speaking to. Why? Because you want to be catching up with your referral partners every week and you don’t want this to be a chore because then you won’t enjoy doing it. This will help to keep good communication flowing between you.

The Right Training

Once you’ve identified someone you believe to be the right person, the second common reason referral partnerships don’t work is due to improper and infrequent training of one another. Take the time to train each other properly before jumping into everything. This step isnt’ to be underestimated and is highly worth it in the long run.

Training consists of simple, clear, communication where you teach each other what types of referrals you want. If you’re both clear on this, you’ll each know what to listen for and what to recommend to potential referrals. Your referral partner will be equipped on how to find or identify your ideal referrals and how to speak with them.

The Right Number

Once you know how to address these first points of establishing a strong referral partnership, it’s time to start! Have a look at who your referral partners are right now. Are they right? Could you follow the above criteria with them? If not, you might not be the right fit for eachother. Ask yourself if you’re able to establish a good partnership or if you should find someone else.

If they are the right referral partners for you, great – get started. Begin with one person, take the time for weekly catch-ups and start building the relationship. You’ll want about 6 good referral partners. This will bring in enough referrals on an ongoing basis but also still allow you enough time for weekly catch-ups. Follow the guidelines and agenda and you’ll have a steady flow of referrals in no time. The best part is, you’ll enjoy getting there without spending all your time.