Get More Referrals For Your Coaching Small Business – Referral TV With Michael Griffiths

In this ‘Get More Referrals Today’ podcast Michael Griffiths the #1 authority on referral marketing and founder of Referral Marketing Guru shows you how to generate more referrals with the right sorts of referral partners. Please make sure you subscribe for great referral, networking and partnership tips and tricks to grow your business. Creating referral partnerships is the cornerstone of our Million Dollar Referral System and why you are going to get referrals. You need to understand what makes a great referral partner for you and then where to go and find your referral partners. Finally once you have referral partners you need to create action plans to ensure your business referrals come into your business. Getting referrals is a smart business marketing strategy and one that all small business marketing plans should contain. As Brian Tracy has always said building your referral teams is a much smarter way of getting referrals and certainly easier than business networking events. It is a smart way to build your coaching business. Remember to leave a comment with any questions, share, like and subscribe.