Get a Powerful Boost from Your Online Network

These days, business networking is getting a huge boost from online social-networking sites. Social media can enable small-business owners to reach hundreds, if not thousands of potential customers on the Internet.

One of the fastest ways to build referrals and relationships online is by using social networking to reconnect with the top people in your “centre of influence” who respect and admire you.

This could be friends from college or university, past co-workers, family members, bestselling authors, media contacts, and others.

According to digital marketing and media researchers (, more than half of all internet users have visited websites referred by friends or family in the previous 30 days. Online, a referral from a trusted source can make all the difference in converting a contact into a customer.

Develop that trusting relationship with people who are well positioned to give you referrals. When you do, your marketing will become supercharged with positive word-of-mouth. Keep this going by regularly keeping in touch and checking in with your network.