Gaining Exposure for Your Business – The Two Keys You Need to Understand

How do you go about ensuring your business is being seen by the right people? It’s something we all worry about. Unless you’re visible to those who are interested and have the potential to spend with you, your business is at risk. Whilst it’s critical to get this right, thankfully marketing is not difficult. The same principles of decades ago still apply.

Currently there are two key concerns with marketing. The first is consistency. Secondly, it’s knowing what sort of exposure you need. Let’s begin with consistency. It’s easy to get caught up with trends in today’s climate, but the downside is we jump from one to another without doing any one thing consistently, or therefore effectively. This doesn’t allow any momentum to build. Consistency is easily the number one key to more exposure. If you’re not being seen daily by your target audience, your results will suffer.

The second concern is getting exposure within the right channels to ensure you’re talking to the right people. Are you clear on who your target audience is and how best to reach them? Where are those people that have the potential to buy from you? Do you find them through business groups, associations, or clubs?

Thankfully, consistency is very easy to achieve. It’s a matter of committing to something and doing it for a prolonged period. When considering social and digital platforms we now have, there’s never been a better time to be in business. The exposure you can generate is huge and far more cost effective than traditional media such as TV, print, outdoor and radio.

So what does exposure look like? When we talk about our marketing channels in the Million Dollar Referral System, we talk about you getting exposure through partners. You get exposure through your networks. You get exposure on your social media platforms. You get exposure through leveraging onto other people’s platforms that have your target audience. You get exposure through re-targeting people who are already interested in whatever it is you do.

You get exposure through networking events, conferences, expos, trade shows and sponsorships. It’s generated through your partners and networks needless to say. It’s achieved by collaborating with those who share your target audience. There is a plethora of ways you can generate exposure easily, without huge costs. Continue to ask yourself “How am I getting exposure today to my target audience?”

A great exercise is to search Facebook, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube and Google to determine who shares your target audience. How can you align with them to achieve more exposure? Reach out and try to create win-wins. It might mean a small cost to sponsor something as an example, but you’re likely to get a six, seven or eight X return! In summary, make it a regular practice to ask yourself “How am I going to reach my target audience today? Who can I align with?”