Building Foundations that Last: Your First 3 Touchpoints

When meeting someone for the first time you want them to remember you months down the road. In order to do so, you need to follow up quickly and consistently to help them remember you. Let’s have a look at your first 3 Touchpoints and how to ensure they stick.

Touchpoint #1: 24 Hours

Make sure you have a touchpoint with the person within 24 hours of meeting them. It can be a quick message, email to acknowledge you enjoyed your time together and note something memorable about your conversation to stand out.

Touchpoint #2: 1 Week

Touch base again after a week – you can follow up on something from when you met, send or share something you think they might be interested in or offer to help. The touchpoint doesn’t have to be long but just a quick check in to say hello and stay front of mind. You can make a tremendous impact simply by looking out for articles, blogs and other information that will be of interest to this person. The key to a lot of the tips here is making the communication about the other person rather than about you. And sending a third party article regarding an area your contact is interested in will reflect well on you

Touchpoint #3: 1 Month

You know how easy it is to forget someone so make sure you touch base again within a month. You can give them a call on the phone or send a simple email or text. All can be powerful tools. People often do not use it enough to communicate on a regular basis. Send them a quick email just letting them know how you are doing and asking them how they are doing? This touchpoint will help solidify your initial meeting in their memory, and if you’re doing it correctly and focusing on them and how you can help them (not what’s in it for you) then you’re establishing yourself as a positive connection in their network right from the start.

Touchpoint #4 and Beyond

You’ve established reliability and trust and you have a good relationship going with this person. Now don’t lose it! They will certainly remember you but you must make a regular effort to stay in touch with them and be front of mind. Aim for every month or 2 if you can.

With all of the touchpoints you make, each point of contact should be meaningful, different and more about them than you. You’ll then find, more often than not, that they are likely to remember you several months later.