In all marketing businesses and corporations in the world gaining and retaining affiliates is crucial, without them operations within the business would be unsubstantiated. There are two types of Affiliates; Super and Regular. Super Affiliates will generate over 80% of your net sales whereas Regular will produce between 10-50%. Therefore it is essential to find affiliates in your niche market.

Affiliates are your key to rapid growth and exposure, because it is your affiliates who give you access to new sources of distribution.

The following are 5 Tips To Getting More Affiliate Partners within your business:

1. Make A List
a) The top 10 affiliates you want to promote you, and then figure out what you can do for each of them.

b) Make a 2nd list of the 10 affiliates most likely to promote you, then find a way to convince them to send a promotion – but make sure you have a page that will convert to sales and reward them.

c) Make a 3rd list of the 10 products that would be best for you to promote to your list, and then work together to with that product creator to do an email swap

2. Have An Affiliates Page
Within your business site add an affiliate page with extensive information and tools for them that make promoting your product easier. You can include information such as:
– Testimonials you’ve received about your product
– A step-by-step description of how to become an affiliate
– FAQ about your product
– General tips about how to promote your product

3.  Get Creative

There are thousands of affiliates out there to generate profit and grow your network of clients and sales but why should they chose your business over others? Simple, you need unique and non-generic ideas that those possible affiliates will feel motivated to sign up to. Try the following:
– Tell the possible affiliates the long term possibilities- Think Big- Incentives
– Organise a day/night out to make your affiliates feel inspired
– Create several techniques that they can use to market your product

4. Understand Your Ideal Affiliates
Although social media can involve clutter and white noise its a medium in which your dream affiliates regularly attend. Connect- Comment and Converse with those who could potential take your business to a whole new level. These people could possibly be an affiliate for your business so get to know them and understand what they do and are interested in.

5.  Contact Bloggers In Your Niche
Bloggers are the new media are have the potential to rapidly grow your business around the country, after understanding what type of blogger they are (personal, professional or opinion based) they have the power to discuss your product to the masses through reach and frequency. Also ensure your blogger has a positive reputation in the professional world, as you don’t want someone perceived negatively to promote your product.