5 Tips To Boost Your Online Professional Profile

The online profile you use on professional social networking sites should be a fair celebration of your achievements to date. It should include factual and personal information which informs the reader as to your personality and style of conducting business. The goal is not to put together an advertisement for you, it is merely to display yourself fairly to the outside world and give people a 3D view of you.

Here are the top 5 tips to boost your online professional profile:

Stay active
A good profile is an active profile. By engaging on social media, you can connect with industry peers and demonstrate your expertise. Posting regularly and contributing to relevant discussions can help you gain credibility and visibility, and will go a long way to impressing potential employers. Conversely, remaining inactive, blocking your posts or staying away from social media altogether can give recruiters the impression that you might have something to hide.

Make the right connections
There’s no better way to stay in the know then by connecting with the right industry players. Social media provides an excellent means of networking and staying abreast of developments in your area of expertise. Start by following the profiles of the companies where you’d like to work. Also join LinkedIn Groups related to your industry. In addition to linking you to quality contacts, these groups can help you find openings, as companies may share job opportunities in relevant groups.

Check the quality of your content
It may seem obvious, but ensuring the quality of the content you share matters enormously. A recent study found that 93 percent of recruiters review candidates’ social profiles in the hiring process, while 42 percent have reconsidered an applicant based on content from such profiles. It goes without saying that inappropriate photos and posts can be deal-breakers for potential employers, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the language and grammar you use on social media can also affect your chances of getting hired.

Experiment with new platforms: While it’s important to maintain active profiles on traditional social media platforms – such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – it also pays to embrace new networks. This can help job seekers increase their professional networks and expose their content and expertise to larger audiences. Your willingness to join new social networks can also send recruiters some positive signals. It shows that you learn quickly, adapt to change easily and are constantly looking to improve professionally.

Create, Share, Promote
Enriching your presence on social media with content related to your area of expertise can help attract the attention of recruiters. Creating and sharing insightful, relevant information through your social media profiles will showcase your know-how and increase your credibility. Promoting your work in LinkedIn Groups and through online communities will also clearly demonstrate your competence to potential future employers. Whether you’re showcasing your content or just getting your name out there, it’s important to make it easy for recruiters to find you online. Creating a personal website or using sites such as Hootsuite can help you link all your social media profiles and improve your search engine rankings.