5 Things To Do On LinkedIn To Find A Referral Partner

If you talk to any expert in referral marketing, they will tell you that finding a referral partner on LinkedIn can be as easy as ABC as long and you know what to do. There are millions of active users on this professional network and so, you can be sure that there are many who are interested in the same marketing tasks as you. The following factors should make it easy for you to find a partner.

 Create a digital version of your commercial

Inserting a digital version of your commercial on your LinkedIn page can work magic. If it is a well prepared one, you can be sure that your followers will be watching it all the time. This is good baiting to find that partner who believes in your strategy and who would like to jump into the bandwagon.

Add more connection to your network

Spend a few minutes every day searching for new connections and adding them to your network. Chances are that some of these new connections could be interested in referral marketing and so, you are likely tom find someone to work with. The good thing is that adding a new connection is not a difficult task.

Play fair

You however need to make sure that you do not just add anybody and everybody that you come across. Play fair by adding people who you know or those who share the same background and profession as you. This way, your followers will get the assurance that you are a person of integrity and trust.

Post updates

Posting updates to your profile is another good way to find a partner. Make sure that when there is anything new, you include it in your profile. For instance, you can keep editing your digital commercial so that the people who visit your page have something new to watch all the time.

Build out your list of leads

Take some time every day to investigate your connections and find out if there are those that you do not personally know but who would like to do referral marketing. You can establish a communication link with them and see if they really can join you.

It is important to point out that since you are dealing with professionals, you have to be very careful with the marketing approach that you take. People on LinkedIn will judge you by what they see on your page.