5 Steps to Social Media Success – Be Seen in 2017

Here are the basics you need to know this year:

Network + Content + Content Distribution = New Opportunities

Social media is a great place for partners, cross promotions, and for wide exposure into groups or pages with the kinds of people you want to see you. When it comes to social content, it’s important to be consistent and have the right sorts of content. You want to stay front of mind and engage with the best customers.

If someone wants to know something, they can easily search and find it online. Which is why you have to be part of the online world and show up on search engines and social media whenever people search for you.

When it comes to social media content, you want to be adding value around your niche in the areas you can share value. And you should be doing this on every platform, ever day.

Step 1: Platforms

Start with the 4 main platforms: LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Then, use the other platforms if they work for your industry such as Instagram or Pinterest

Grow your network across these 4 platforms. You need to be across all of them because you don’t want to miss audiences on other platforms just because you’re not on that same platform. Always add value, put it across social media, and have your network promote it too.

Step 2: Valuable Content

Create content such as podcasts, videos, blogs, webinars, e-books, etc. This gives you exposure so people know who you are. Otherwise no one knows who you are.

Step 3: Share

Share on all your platforms. Get your network to look at it and then bring them back to your sites so they can learn more about you, your business, opt-in etc. You want to invite them to become part of your community.

Use social scheduling sites to allow you to do everything at the start of the month so everything goes out on every platform on every day use the same content and recycle it and promote it on the different platforms because not everything will see it there every time

Step 4: Distribute

You need distribution partners who will share your content and get you out into new places and audiences. Pay particular attention to those who will like, comment and share so you can get into new networks to create more networks and new opportunities. Even something as simple as a ‘like’ can promote you out to 100’s or 1000’s of people.

Step 5: Engage
This is always one of your most important steps. Engage with new people on a personal level by sending them personal messages, finding out how to help them and get into more new conversations.

There’s a methodology to social media content sharing. It’s never about posting something just to post. The purpose is to be able to get into new networks, create new sales and get people into your sales funnel who don’t know you exist yet.