4 Best Practices for Cross-Promotion on Social Media

Running cross-promotions can be an extremely effective way of connecting to a new network while sharing your own as well. Good cross-promotions exist out of complementary products/services/businesses who share the same sorts of customers without being direct competitors. For example, a gym could partner with a sports nutrition & health food café nearby. But there are rules of best practice you can follow to maximise your results.

Be Heard

Be heard above the noise and use a strong headline or message to grabbing people’s attention Everyone knows the importance of the headline or social media message when it comes to getting clicks and shares. At the same time, people seem to forget that finding the right headline takes time. Aim to strike a balance between being clear, and being emotionally evocative.

Optimise content for each network

You know your network, but how well do you know your cross-promotional partner’s network? Keep in mind that embedded within each social media network are unspoken rules and expectations for language and content sharing. When sharing cross-promotions, create content with these expectations in mind and it will perform much better. Adjust your captions before you post to suit the posting structure and rules of each network.

Stagger your social media posts  

You always want to stay front of mind with your network and that’s equally true when it comes to cross-promotions. You don’t need to fire off all your posts across all networks at the same time, and then go for days or even weeks that they don’t hear from you. As you know, if you’re not speaking to your network regularly (roughly every 30 days), then they’ll forget you and go somewhere else. With your social media posts, it’s a good idea to stagger them according to the best posting times for each network. You can even use a social media management tool, like Hootsuite, which allows you to schedule messages in advance. Keep a schedule and keep it regular. When your audience comes to know your schedule, they can expect content from you and will stay loyal.

Clear CTA

What do you do when you’re running cross-promotions and followers from both networks have seen your message? What’s next? Use your social media to support your cross-promotional partner’s broader business goals. Tie the messages to a larger purpose that resonates with you both and end your social posts with a strong call-to-action.