If you want to survive in business and sell more, you should have more people recommending, selling, and promoting your product and business. Other companies and individuals can promote your products in a different number of ways, and the Internet has spawned the term “referral partner” – a different name for an old profession.

So how do you, as a referral partner, use your own strengths to promote your own partners? Below are 3 ways.

Try your partner’s products and services

In order for this partnership to be successful, it will be most effective if you tried the services they offered and liked them. If you know a lot about their business, you can promote it in an interested and genuine way. You should promote his or her business actively. For each lead that your partner brings, you should always offer proper compensation in the form of money or similar services. When your partner starts seeing an increase in foot traffic in their business, or if they sustained a higher number of orders, you will know that the relationship is measurably successful.

All that just from a more informed recommendation – just by trying out their business. Who knows, you may also become their most valued customer… and vice versa!

Create an Affiliate Network

An effective way of building sales relationships is to create an affiliate network with like-minded businesspeople. A referral partner is part of your affiliate network, and he or she will promote your company in exchange for similar services or a commission. Referral partners will love you when you know where to look for them, and you can both benefit by promoting their business (even for a commission) and using them to market your products and services more efficiently. Learn how to maintain a good relationship with your affiliate partners and your small business will thrive.

Refer them to others who may need their services

It is tempting to try and keep each customer for your own benefit, but if you are fully aware that your line of business is not what the person in front of you is really looking for, then by all means, point them towards the direction of your referral partner! Never try to greedily act as though you don’t know someone who can help them – especially if you are too disappointed that you weren’t able to successfully land them as client (oh come on – it entered your mind even just once in your life). Remember that if your partner does the same to you, you know you will not like it.

Point them to the direction of your partner, and even this new client will be so thankful, you might end up with even more business.