Now that you have done everything humanly possible to choose the right referral partners, supply them with the proper materials to promote your business, and make sure they pull their fair share of the work required in a referral relationship, then what do you do in return for them?

A relationship must be mutual. You cannot expect to be done favours when you can’t return they favours they send your way.

How do you do it? Here are some suggestions.

 Create Referral Partner Marketing Resources

Affiliate referrals are most often tracked through redirect links. You can send your referral partners the referrals they are expecting from you by embedding these links to their website in your emails or embed their linkson your own site’s landing page, or online store.

Have the links automatically track which one of your own customers actually clicked on your partners’ links though your embedded links, and create a referral record – especially when these leads convert into actual purchases.

Offer to display some of your partners’ collaterals

Flatter your own referral partners by doing something which, when done for you, you know you will love. This would include displaying banners, standees, small products or flyers in your physical store. They don’t need to overshadow your own products or your own signages, but give then a small space in your counter, or one corner. If you make your partner/s happy, then they would also be happy to return the favour to you and your business.

Include their logos on your newsletter

Sometimes, you don’t really need to speak much to show your support. Clickable logos on your newsletter would be a good way to subtly promote your partners. One click and your readers are directed to your partners’ sites. Very nice. Sometimes, it is in giving that we receive.