If you want to succeed in business your clients and prospective clients have to believe in you. This is called “credibility.” It is that which entices people to believe in what you claim, have confidence in your products and services, and have faith in your promises.

The more credible you are, the easier it is to attract new clients into your world. Once you’ve established that relationship, it’s crucial to develop a sense of trust and reliability… and when people trust you, they buy from you.

Here are three good ways to boost the credibility of your business.

Be authentic

It’s important in business to be authentic and to conduct yourself with confidence. You should not be afraid to show people who you are and what you’re all about as an individual and a provider of services or products. It’s important to trust yourself and your own skills in order to win the trust of new clients and to establish lasting credibility. Being up front and authentic will always win in the long run because most of us can soon see through showmanship or a lack of relevant knowledge and expertise. You should be aiming to show genuine enthusiasm for your clients’ businesses and an honest determination to deliver your best work each and every day.

Deliver on your promises

This is one “must not” your business should absolutely stay clear of – DO NOT destroy your credibility by promising but not delivering. If you commit to give supreme quality, then by all means, do everything to make sure your products are of the best quality. When you promise to give impeccable customer service, then do everything humanly possible to give customers the ultimate customer experience. The point here is, never over-promise and then under-deliver. If anything, try hard to under-promise, but then over-deliver. This way, your clients will always think that you always go way beyond what is expected – and that will undoubtedly endear you to them.

Build trust in your profile (on and offline)

When your clients trust you it creates credibility but in business that credibility always needs to be earned. Prospective clients will look for indicators to help them decide if you are someone they can trust. People who don’t know you, will look at your social media profiles or your website if they want to get a sense of what you are all about. They may see you speak publicly and decide on how well you handle yourself in a public situation; if you are the type of person they want to engage with. They might ask for references to find out if you deliver on your promises, whether you are serious about the quality of your work and if you consistently deliver to high standards.

Your credibility depends on what is said and what is discovered. But ultimately your client will need to experience your services for themselves. If you already have a high level of credibility within your target audience then they will have expectations that you will need to work hard to maintain. Do this over a lengthy period of time however and you will create a loyal base of clients who will stay with you indefinitely.