3 Things to Stop Doing IMMEDIATELY: Helpful Mindset Tweaks

What are the things you’re doing that are hurting your business? We all get stuck in a frame of mind that sometimes isn’t serving us or our business well. Below are 3 things you must stop doing now, as well as the right mindset tweak to get you going down the right path.

Stop trying to sell your product or service.
When you’re networking, you’re building relationships, not selling. We’ve all been to those networking events with people who only tell you all about their product or service and try to sell it to you. How many of those people have you hired, bought from or worked with? Probably not many. That’s because you’re not looking to buy something, you’re looking to establish good partnerships and you want relationships with people.

Mindset Tweak: Start building relationships. If you went on a date and the other person tried to sell you something, you probably wouldn’t go out with them again? You’re building relationships with people so you can work together and so you can connect and get to know each other’s networks.

Stop saying “Help me.”

You’re familiar with this person too. The person who just wants you to help them with whatever it is they need.

Mindset Tweak: How can I help this person I’m talking to. When you help someone else, you’re building trust and a relationship with someone who will be likely to want to help you in return.

Stop Cold-Calling.

Wouldn’t we all love to do this? This process starts with your network. If you’re actively keeping your network strong and building it up by nurturing your network, helping them and staying front of mind, then you should be going to your network on a regular basis and collecting referrals. When you set up a good referral marketing habit for yourself as we discuss, the referrals will keep coming, and you can stop the cold calling.

Mindset Tweak: Always be thinking, “Who can I connect with in my network?”

Stop doing these 3 things today and start making these mindset tweaks. You’ll see the results.