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Karen Chaston – Courageously Aligning Within by Inspiring Women to Empower Themselves

Karen Chaston’s key focus is training employees, especially female emerging leaders (mid to senior roles) in order to develop strong leaders, inspired teams and greatly improved results for themselves and their companies.

Our ideal clients are leaders and managers in Australia’s most progressive corporate businesses that recognise that the health and prosperity of their business is directly correlated to the health of their employees, namely their female employees.

Women normally set the tone of the organisation and when women are unfulfilled and dispassionate about who they are and their role in the company they can undermine the company’s goals, values and performance.

We deliver training, coaching and facilitating to help you recognise and unlock the potential within (individually and within the business) whilst encouraging team collaboration.

Karen can create individualised programs that guide your female colleagues away from burnout, exhaustion and competition towards inspired, motivated and collaborative employees who will create a CEO focused mind-set.

What this ultimately leads to:

> Employees who are more inspired and passionate about their roles within the organisation

> Team members supporting and collaborating with each other – a more conducive environment

> Productivity increase due to improved communication and engagement with all staff

> Inspired and passionate employees providing improved customer service. (Research shows that it costs up to 10 times as much to attract a new customer as it does to keep an existing customer)

> More profits for the company

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