Would You Like A Referral System That Fills Your Leads Bucket EVERYDAY… This Is What We Can Show You How To Do!

For most business owners they love the thought of getting lots of referrals and waking up each day with a full leads bucket and plenty of opportunities to follow up.

Unfortunately it is just not the case and instead we scrap, hustle and waste a lot of time, energy and money to get a trickle of leads coming in each week.

Being in business is tough if you don’t have a steady stream of leads and new opportunities flowing into your business. Who are you going to sell to? Where are those leads going to come from? and How are you going to grow? All questions that businesses face everyday.

Sure you can use Google Pay Per Click, Facebook Ads, SEO, Radio, TV, Print Media, Direct Mail, Trade Shows, but how much money do you have to spend before you get sick and tired on the poor returns that these marketing strategies give you.

Everyday we are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages. Where do we look? Who do we listen to? Who do we believe?

We Always Listen To Trusted People In Our Network and Their Recommendations!

Just Imagine :

  • Having referrals coming into your business from numerous referral partners each and every week
  • Being able to sustain your business without having to spend another dollar on any other form of marketing
  • Being able to follow a simple step by step referral system that only takes up 15 minutes of your day to follow

Referral marketing is the single most powerful and cost effective way to market any business. Yet 97% of business do not have a referral marketing plan in place.

Do Any Of These Statements Ring True To You:

  • I don’t know the right place to network
  • I get a lot of low level leads that do not amount to business.
  • I tell a lot of people what I do, they just don’t seem to understand
  • I don’t attend networking events because I really don’t know what to do when I am there
  • I feel like I have a lot of visibility but it is not leading to referrals
  • My referral partners do not participate at the same level I do
  • I am spending too much of my time with low value prospects
  • I don’t understand that there is a referral process
  • We offer rewards for referrals, yet that doesn’t bring us much business
  • When I get a referral, it often does not convert to business
  • I cannot figure out why some people will not refer business to me
  • Our sales team don’t see how networking through their current relationships can add more profits
  • Our sales team don’t generate referrals from the sales they make
  • We have no engagement with our community or we have no community
  • We don’t create enough opportunities each week
  • We get very little exposure
  • We have very few new doors being opened for us

If you are reading this and thinking “YES” some of these are exactly my problems, then I know we can help you.

Do You Want?

  1. Quality referrals coming into your business
  2. A funnel of prospects to speak to
  3. New referral partners that are actively looking to help you
  4. Referral Partners that are promoting your products and services for you, just as if it was you doing the work yourself
  5. To learn how to build a referral network around you
  6. To learn how to re-activate your network to increase your referrals immediately