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The Referral Authority Blueprint Transformation is a program like no other. It shows you step by step how to generate more business and more opportunities than ever before without having to pay a cent on marketing. This program has already helped thousands of people!

We will build step by step all of the 9 systems referral systems we use in our own business everyday into your business. No wasting time or effort, we implement it with you on the spot. For you to use for years to come.

Just imagine what 5-10 qualified new opportunities a week would do to your business. Let's stop wasting time and get yourself started to change your referral skill set.

What The Referral Authority Blueprint Transformation Is All About...

The Referral Authority Blueprint contains everything you need to get your business creating ever lasting referrals and partnerships. Whether you currently have referral partners or not. Whether you currently have a network or not. Whether you currently go to networking events or not. This program will blow your mind and take your business to a level you didn't think possible. The best part is you will see results instantly!

What Is The 'Referral Authority Blueprint Transformation' Program

A 90 Day Program Packed Full of Learning, Implementing & Taking Action!

  • Step #1
  • Understand Your Prospect

    You can't get partners to help you unless you can clearly tell them what you are looking for. 

    So we start with some simple worksheets around your clients, hot buttons and clearly define how you work with people

  • Build Your System

    No longer do we want to be having hrs for $$... We need to package it better and sell it as a system.

    This allows you to show the transformation that you take your clients / customers on and get paid more.

  • Create Your Money Map

    We need to stop chasing to get leads and start 'attracting'. This means that people come to you, you convert higher and you get paid more.

    We create your channels and look at how to attract leads to you.

  • Build Your Referral Training Tools

    There is no point having partners if they don't understand how to help you and create opportunities for you. That means we need to teach and train them on exactly what we  want them to do.

  • Step #2
  • Build Your Referral Teams

    It is time to start building your referral teams of 66 people. We will create profitability partners, a super group, cross promotion partners, content distributors and affiliate programs. Imagine having 66 people creating opportunities for you.

  • Building Lead Magnets & Funnels

    When you finish this section you will have other people filling your sales funnel for you with at least 3 new cross promotion partners. Plus how to systemise it so you get 1 cross promotion per week.

  • Creating Opportunities Off Social Meida 

    Understand how to 'really' use social media with hundreds of new opportunities sitting on the table. You will get at least 3 new social media opportunities, now!

  • Creating Opportunities From Your Network

    We all have a network and 99% of us don't use it to nearly the extent that we should. You will have simple little plans to follow that will re-engage your network, grow your network with the right people and create opportunities through your network.

  • Step #3
  • Build The Perfect Sales Funnel

    There is no point getting all these new opportunities unless you are converting them. We convert at 94% and I'll show you the 4 simples steps that is 'our sales funnel'. It is so simple and effective you will just love how easy it is for you to duplicate. 

  • Attract... Attract... Attract

    You should never have to chase any prospect to get them to do business with you. 

    It is all about attract and then taking that person through your funnel. There are hundreds of ways to attract a lead and we will go through them all.

  • Design A Webinar / Podcast / Speaking Presentation

    We want to leverage into new networks and the quickest way is to present or speak for someone else. I will show you step by step how to go about it and what to do to then generate business from it.

  • Systemising The Blueprint

    We have got all the parts to the system so lets now put them all together so you have an easy to follow plan day after day after day. It is just a matter of repeating these simple structures for years to come. You are now a referral authority & partnership master.

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90 Days That Will Change Your Business Forever!
6 Simple Stages That Will Turn You Into A Refferal Authority...

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Referral Authority Blueprint Transformation Investment

A Program That Will Generate You Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Years To Come!

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    • 90 Day Referral Authority Blueprint Program
    • Referral On Ramp Kit
    • Building Your Foundations Kit
    • Creating Your Sales Funnel Blueprint
    • Video Training Library
    •  The 'Script Toolbox'
    • 6+ Mentoring Calls
    • 2 x Tickets To Any Partnership Club Live Implementation Event

What Other People Are Saying

Here's what these people have said about the program

  • This referral intensive was the best investment I have ever made for myself and my business. The simple step by step process we went through made taking action so simple and so effective. The 2 days has taken my business to a whole different level. I'm in front of 5,000+ prospects per month and my income is at a whole another level."
    James Short
    Goals Tribe
  • "This referral intensive really assisted me to focus on the required aspects of generating and managing referrals, and gave me a system which has made it a simple and repeatable process. Thanks to the masterclass, I have been able to bring order and visibility to my referral marketing strategies which has already translated into bottom line growth."
    Scott Ward
    Digital Infusion
  • "Referrals are the best value business development tool for attracting and securing new clients, and whilst I was getting a lot of repeat business and referrals from my existing clients I was not getting as many as I wanted from my business contacts. This intensive itself was incredibly interactive and practical, giving clear and useful actions that could be effected swiftly."
    Caroline Gilroy
    Purple Lightbulb
  • "Prior to completing the masterclass we received on average 1-3 referrals per week. Michael & his referral marketing program have been instrumental in providing myself & the team with the skills to unlock the value in our referral marketing partners & strategies. Our team is now using these skills successfully and referrals from our current clients and partners have increased to 10-15 per week."
    Schalk Van Der Merwe
    Multi Secure
  • "Since doing the intensive I have created more opportunities, partnerships and sales than in the previous whole year put together. During the 3 days I was getting new leads, making sales and finding great hubs to get more exposure from in the room. This is so simple to do and follow that everyone can be a success. It is so exciting creating new opportunities everyday using my new system. "
    Amanda Westphal
    Prize Pig
  • "Everytime I think about how hard business was I think about Michael and the referral program. This was easily the best investment I made on myself and my business. It is so easy generating new leads and sales when you do it through partnerships. This is a must do in my mind."
    Megan Hodge
    Health Tribe

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Things You Need To Know...

During This Referral Authority Blueprint Transformation You Will

  • Understand how to build your referral teams and create strategic partnerships with other people. This will put a referral system into your business for you to use.
  • Be able to create marketing strategies to build your presence on social media and understand all the different platforms and how to use them correctly PLUS how to attract clients, partners and take your presence to a whole new level.
  • Understand how to network efficiently and use your networks to create new business opportunities.
  • Create the perfect sales funnel and conversion pipeline
  • Understand how to have content distributors and get promoted into new networks everyday
  • My Promoise To You.... You Will:
  • Create At Least 5 New Referral Profitability Parnterships - This means thousands of dollars of referrals each week!
  • Create A Cross Promotion Funnel and Get 10+ People To Promote It For You- This means hundreds of new people into your sales funnel!
  • Create A Community Engagement Plan & Re-Engage With At Least 50+ People In Your Community - This means at a minimum 10+ New Opportunities immediately!
  • Create At Least 5+ Qualified Leads To Sell To - Simple put more $$$$ immediately

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